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AUDAX Fashion

A concept project focusing on the visual identity of a business with a logo and its different variations, branding colours, Instagram stories, a website, an outdoor sign, shopping bags, billboards (small and large), clothing tags, catalogs and business cards.

Cover Page.png

AUDAX is a medium-scale fashion brand targeting the younger generation. The company aims to empower young adults to not only be who they are through fashion but to be bold, courageous and confident in their life.

The concept reflects the brand's belief that being bold isn't about wearing bright-colored clothes, but about wearing what makes you comfortable and confident. Their minimalistic style shows that there is more power in less.

Smartphones - PNG.png
Graphic - PNG.png
Store Sign - PNG.png
freelance graphic designer and illustrator
Shopping Bags - PNG.png
Banner 1 - PNG.png
Billboard - PNG.png
Artboard 1 - PNG.png
Tags - PNG.png
Magazine 1 - PNG.png
Magazine 2 - PNG.png
Magazine Concepts - PNG.png
Banner 2 - PNG.png
Business Cards Mockup 2 - PNG.png
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